Trolleys for children transport

Jumbo trolley for children transport

Medical products such as a bed or a child trolley do not have to be "sad." Our inspiration for creating baby products is their real needs, and the smile of the baby is rewarded. The youngest patients are less hospitable and raw when surrounded by their friendly colours and patterns.




Safe for patient and caregivers
High tops and side rails provide a safe transportation of a child. Trolley  offers v
ery easy and user friendly adjustment of height and Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions by means of foot levers.


Excellent mobility

Large 200 mm castors and directional wheel allow the stretcher to be easily operated even by one person.

Column construction

This modern solution has a number of advantages, especially easy cleaning. It also positively affects the aesthetics of the product, gives the impression of lightness and simplicity.

Individual design

An important element of our offer is also a wide range of colors, patterns and the ability to execute projects with visualization  of selected hospital rooms.
We invite you to ask our  furniture department  team for the expert advices. 

Easy to clean

Column construction and pallet filled with HPL boards ensure better cleaning and disinfection. Construction of the stretcher is made of steel sections covered with a powder varnish, resistant to UV radiation, mechanical damages, disinfecting and cleaning agents.


The trolley is equipped with  special mounting  sockets for infusion stand and other additional accessories and four bumpers for impact protection. The chassis cover with space for oxygen bottle and patient’s personal belongings or medical files.
ne z obu stron wózka. Osłona podstawy posiada miejsce na butle z tlenem i inne rzeczy pacjenta.