Transport stretchers

Elefant transport stretcher

Elefant transport stretcher is especially designed to be the best solution for the patient care in emergency situations but also during the normal hospital transport, diagnostics and  treatment. The stretcher is very safe for the patient and ensures easy operation for caregivers.



Column construction

This modern solution has a number of advantages, especially easy cleaning  and possibility of monitoring a patient with C- arm. It also positively affects the aesthetics of the product, gives the impression of lightness and simplicity.


Rich basic equipment:

1. Easily lowered  side rails
2. Central lock and direction wheel
3. Folded drip bottle holder
4. Folded handles from the head side
5. Pushing bar from the leg side
6. 4 bumpers
7. Place for patient's stuff
8. Space for oxygen cylinder
9. Removable mattress in the cover of the artificial leather
10. Sockets for additional drip bottle holder

The possibility of monitoring a patient with a C-arm and taking X-ray pictures

Thanks to X-ray translucent pallet and column construction, there is a possibility of monitoring a patient with a C-arm. Additionally the stretcher can be equipped with holders for X-ray cassettes mounted under the pallet which enable taking X-ray pictures along the pallet’s entire length (option).

Quick and convenient adjustment

Very easy and user friendly adjustment of height and Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions by means of foot levers which are accessible from both sides of the stretcher. The backrest is easily adjustable by gas spring.

Excellent mobility

Large 200 mm castors and fifth directional wheel allow the stretcher to be  turned 360 ° and easily operated even by one person. Push handles and central brake levers specially located from the head and foot side make maneuverability easier and ensure quick locking of the chassis