Nursing home beds

Saffron nursing bed

Bed Saffron is designed for long term care. It is made of wood-like materials and gives warm, home-like character.


Electric control

10- function handset with locking key ensures easy and comfortable operation for patient and caregivers.

Low bed height - very comfortable for patient

Low minimal bed height ( 30 cm) increases safety of the patient during exiting the bed and at night.



The bed construction is made of steel profiles coated with epoxy-polyester powder varnish resistant to mechanical damages and disinfection and UV radiation. The bed comes complete with full length wooden side rails, high quality wooden head and footboards. It is equipped with four-segment pallet with three segments adjustable and 4 non-marking 125 mm castors.


Electric adjustment: backrest and thigh segments, height adjustment, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg functions. Shank rest segment is adjustable mechanically.


  • Mattress platform made of wooden panels
  • Bed extension by 20 cm

Additional accessories:

  • Mattress in waterproof and steam permeable cover
  • Passive anti-decubitus mattress
  • Drip bootle holder
  • Hand holder
  • Side rail extension
  • Hooks for physiological fluid bags
Overall length 2220 mm
Overall width 1050 mm
Bed pallet dimensions 2000x900 mm
Range of height adjustment 300 - 720 mm
Backrest segment adjustment 0° - 74°
Thigh segment adjustment 0° - 34°
Shank segment adjustment 0° - 26°
Trendelenburg 12°
Reverse-Trendelenburg 12°
Castor diameter Ø100 mm
Maximum permissible load 215 kg