ICU beds

Luna hospital bed

 Luna is a bed dedicated to units of intensive hospital supervision. Luna has many specialized functions and meets high requirements for life-saving procedures and is very aesthetic.




Safety is the top priority

Luna has a number of functions that are related to procedures for saving the patient's life. Example: CPR function for patient resuscitation accomplished electrically or mechanically, anti-shock position or emergency position. Medical staff can easily find well-marked function buttons dedicated to particular bed positions. 

Very functional

In addition to the basic controls: seat height, longitudinal tilt, segment settings, special settings programmed on individual buttons are also available to increase patient safety and comfort for personnel.
Anti-shock position; Examination position; Electric CPR; Cardiological chair; Fowler’sposition

Control in several ways

Bed control is very easy and convenient by means of hand sets or control panels. We have many options:
1. Hand set
4. Control panels in rails side
5. Additional controller on the special support

Column construction

This modern solution has a number of advantages, especially easy cleaning  and possibility of monitoring a patient with C- arm. It also positively affects the aesthetics of the product, gives the impression of lightness and simplicity.

5th castor - excellent mobility

Large wheels (150 mm) and directional castor allow for easy manoeuvring. Optionally the bed can be equipped with 5th castor which stabilises the direction of travel and makes it easier to turn the bed. It can be retracted to the undercarriage. 

Different options

Luna beds are made in many different versions. Choose a version that meets your requirements:
- Bed segments filled with X-ray translucent HPL boards
- Backrest segment filled with HPL board, other segments with ABS
- Bed with X-ray cassette 
- The construction of the bed is made entirely of stainless steel
- Mechanical CPR in the thigh segment
- A headboard with a fixed height, fixed to the base of the bed
- Double wheel, antistatic
- Base with 5 wheels
- Bedding shelf
- Bed with the function of extending the bed 15 and 25 cm
- Bed covered with varninsh with SilverCoat bactericidal protection

The possibility of monitoring a patient with a C-arm and taking X-ray pictures

 Thanks to X-ray translucent pallet and column construction, there is a possibility of monitoring a patient with a C-arm. Bed can be equipped with a special tunnel for X ray cassette under the bed segments ( from head to knees).

Comfortable patient position -Double autoregress function

Autoregress function in backrest and thigh segments prevents from seizing the patient during the segment adjustment  and reduces tension in the lumbo-sacral region..

Choose accessories for Luna bed

There is a wide range of accessories available: side rails, mattresses, holders and so on.


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