Baby care furniture system for healthcare facilities

Baby care furniture system for healthcare facilities

The Symbio Care baby care system is a modern solution that includes psychological aspects in childcare. We understand the role of care as an activity that stimulates all the senses of the new-born, which is the strongest impulse for brain development in the first days of a child's life.
SymboCare is an innovative approach to the care of newborns, resulting from the observation of appropriate regulations, emphasizing the role of care as an activity stimulating all the senses of a newborn, which is the strongest impulse for brain development in the first days of life.




Strengthtening the bond between mother and child 

At no other stage of life does man experience so many physical and mental changes.
In the postnatal period, it is very important to develop a proper bond between mother and child. The SymbioCare system is dedicated to both medical staff, but also to the mother and father of the child, enabling caregivers to be involved in nursing activities.


A system, a workplace, not a kitchen piece of furniture 

The presented stand is the entire system intended for care. It is safe for the newborn, it relieves nurses and midwives and schematizes their work.
From the formal point of view, the object was shaped as a work station, and not, as it has been so far, shaped like kitchen furniture. 


Designed in accordance with the standards and needs of users...because the most important is human being 

The presented product has been designed in accordance with the applicable legal regulations introduced by WHO and UNICEF, which govern the procedures in maternity and neonatal facilities. Consultations with users in maternity wards and with midwives were an important element of the design process.
The project pays particular attention to improving the organization of the activities performed and the caregiver's position.



Modularity of the solution, work organization

Modular construction allows you to freely arrange the available space depending on the needs of users (you pay only for what you need).
Well thought-out solutions dedicated to specific activities.
The solution improves the safety of the newborn through strict separation of nursing and storing zones and promotes the involvement of parents in nursing activities.


Resistant, durable and regenerable materials with a lifetime guqrantee

The upper elements of the system are made of Corian (an antibacterial composite material). This material meets the high expectation of the most demanding healthcare environments.  It is a nonporous, non-toxic and very hygienic surface which does not support the growth of mould and bacteria. It is smooth, easy to clean and disinfect and extremely durable and long-lasting material. The material is resistant to UV radiation, so its colour will last for years. Additionally it is a low VOC-emitting material which can be easily renewed and repaired.
Other materials are a metal, stable structure and SymbioMed furniture boards with excellent  properties such as: a smooth surface, resistant to moisture, impacts, disinfectants and various chemical substances.




Several different configurations

SymbioCare comes in a variety of configurations. It is a free-standing system that can be bolted to the wall. A suspended structure is dedicated - mounted directly to the wall without contact with the floor.

Designed by: Klaudia Kasprzak