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Formed is a Polish company, Polish capital, European quality.

Our greathest value and strength are people

For us, the most important are relationships between people while working in a team and in business.
We believe that the development of the company is possible thanks to human determination, the desire to get the knowledge and realize the goals.
We are a company that sometimes sails with the wind, sometimes under the wind but always sails, not drifts

Company goals

We want to create solutions, actively participate in changes, set trends to become a leader in comprehensive projects.


We want to improve ourselves and the environment!

We are very curious of new things. We observe, test, draw conclusions and then implement new ideas, products or 
working methods. We are developing, we try to be better at finding the right solutions for you.
Our work is not limited to the fulfillment of orders. It is a series of activities that make up a comprehensive activity.