MODULUS modular room system

Modulus modular room system

SModulus modular room system is designed for operating rooms and intensive care units.

Modulus - Formed



Beneficial system solutions

Modulus is a panelling of walls and ceilings as well as many other interconnected elements, which constitute the system of building. Modulus includes, but is not limited to, wall and ceiling panels, doors, windows, glazing, as well as built-in or freestanding furniture. It's also a range of built-in devices like negatoscopes, medical monitors, control and integration systems.

Adapt the elements of your system to your needs

The Modulus system consists of many components. Each of them has many varieties that will allow them to adapt to individual needs. Example: Wall panels are made of different grades of steel, glass or HPL. Panels with different finishes can be combined to create beautiful and aesthetic arrangements according to the wishes of the user.



Why choose MODULUS modular room system


Aseptic rooms- sterile conditions

Construction of walls, ceilings and other elements of the panel system eliminate the hard-to-reach-places where microbes can grow. Walls are easy to clean and to disinfect with commonly accessible disinfectants.

High durability
Walls, doors, windows are mainly produced from high quality stainless steel AISI  304 ( OH18N9). This type of steel is resistant to corrosion so the lifetime of the panel system is a very long: longer than the life cycle of the operating theatre.

Easy and quick access to appliances installed underneath.
In case of panel system construction access to the appliances installed underneath ( gas-fittings, electric installation, ventilation) is very easy and quick. Dismantling and reassembling of the panel system elements can be accomplished by the hospital technician without any special tools or special training .

The ability to modify or reuse system elements

Operating theatre can be modified or reconstructed in every moment using the existing elements of panel system. It is also possible to connect new system elements with the already existing panels. In case of any serious damages of panels, they can be easily and quickly replaced without long interruption of normal work on the operating theatre.

Modern and aesthetic room appearance

The modular room system has become the standard in developed countries in the designing of new operating theatres or modernization of existing units. It is a way to get the modern look of operating theatre. Modular panels can be prepared in many different colours which affect the look of the room and also well-being of hospital staff.

Low running costs
The construction of an operating theatre in modular system is associated with higher initial investment costs, however running costs of this solution are significantly lower than alternative systems